Our Cuttings are taken from a healthy Mother plant and begin their propagagation using the water method and will have one - three nodes.  Although most of our available cuttings are fresh cuts, as we continue to grow we will have cuttings with more established roots. Each cutting will be applied with our neem oil solution, inspected for pests, fungal infection, and other damage before shipping.


About Hoya Krimson Queen:

 The plant's vines and new leaves often emerge bright pink, with the occasional leaf entirely white. Growing long, winding vines, this plant is eager to climb, but will happily cascade down the sides of its pot. Hoya 'Krimson Queen' is an ideal choice for a trellis or hanging planter.

Hoya Krimson Queen Cutting

  •  Adding materials like heat packs and added padding or insulation to your order can help protect your new plant and prevent damage during shipping, to add safe shipping materials to your order view our available product under the Safe Shipping Collection tab.  

  • Although most packages arrive according to schedule;

     UPS, USPS and other carriers are currently offering no guarentee on their shipping times. 

    We will personally communicate with our Shipping Carriers before each order to validate organized routes, weather etc.

    If there is a noted delay due to weather conditions or other, we will notify you to discuss a later shipping date to prevent your plants from a prolonged transit. 

    Products that are received damaged due to prolonged transit, or other mishandling will be considered for refund or replacement on a circumstantcial basis. Customers will be responsible for additional or expedited  shipping costs for replacement items on a circumstantcial basis. 

    Thank you for your understanding.