This is the most exciting ( & affordable ) way to cross that plant you have been wanting off of your wishlist. Cuttings are taken to order, and will be packaged in damp sphagnam moss, soaked in Prop Drops if you would prefer - To begin the rooting process while it ships. The list of potential species is constantly growing, so pay attention to the insta and tiktok feed to see what new inventory has come in.  Check out the list to see some of the species that you may get!

Imagine opening your wishlist plant!!!!



- Monthly 

Shipped out on the first monday of each month. 


- Weekly

Shipped every monday.


Mystery Cutting Box - Collectors Series

  • Cuttings will be removed from the mother plants to order.

    all cuttings will include healthy nodes, but the rooting and propagation is in your hands. I know you can do it!  This is the BEST way to grow your collection. 

    Prop Drops are a great way to increase the rooting speed and give your cuttings essential nutrients for healthy growth. 

    Check out instagram and tiktok for tutorial videos on propagation