This is my absolute FAVE Philodendron right now.

It's the bright red, fuzzy and almost velcro-like petioles that make this philodendron stand out amongst the rest. Not to mention having one of the most striking mature leaf shapes in it's Genus. The pictured plant is true to the plant you will recieve and there is only one available in stock. This Plant is potted in a 6" wide X 5" deep nursery pot and is well rooted in the Market Botany House Plant Soil that provides excellent Drainage. The "Squami" is a little more sensitive to overwatering then other aroids. So letting the soil dry between waterings is necessary.  The Squamiferum is much more difficult to find in trade than your  Golden Pothos or Monstera Deliciosa which makes it a true collectors species. 

Philodendron Squamiferum

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