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Introducing Prop Drops. 

The Secret to Effortless Propagation Success!


Designed to revolutionize your propagation game. Say goodbye to the fear of chopping your beloved plant babies because now you will propagate like the pros!


Prop Drops are the result of meticulous research and formulation.

 Developed exclusively to make propagating your favorite houseplants easier and boost your chances of achieving thriving new root growth. Whether you're a seasoned propagator or just starting out, this innovative solution is your secret sauce that will encourage the formation of new roots on your plant cuttings faster than ever before.


   One of the standout features of Prop Drops is its versatility.

It works wonders in all substrates, giving you the freedom to propagate cuttings in soil, water, moss or even specialized rooting media like leca or pon. But that's not all! When repotting your favorite foliage, you can add Prop Drops directly to the soil, effectively preventing repot shock and providing your plants with a boost for root development.


   Prop Drop's formula contains a  blend of carefully selected ingredient.

Chosen for quick absorbtion to accelerate and stimulate root growth, increase cutting survival rates, and enhance overall plant vigor. You'll witness roots forming quicker, stronger, and more abundantly than ever before.


   Designed with tropical plant enthusiasts in min.

 Prop Drops cater specifically to the needs of those who adore propagating lush, exotic aroids and other trending tropical houseplant . Now you can make that cut confidently to successfully propagate your favorite plants like: Monstera, Philodendron, Pothos and more! With Prop Drops, the propagation process becomes a fun adventure rather than a nerve-wracking endeavor. 


   So, are you ready to take your propagation skills to the next level?

Unlock the secret to effortless propagation success with Prop Drops, your new secret ingredient in your plant parent journey, towards collecting a thriving indoor jungle.

Experience the magic for yourself - We're rooting for you!



Prop Drops:

4 Fluid Oz.

Amber Glass bottle w/pipette dropper cap.

Prop Drops

SKU: 19764462497
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