We do our absolute best to send your plants as quickly and as saftely as possible, but there are many factors that can contribute to plant damage during transit. 


This warranty Garentees that if you recive your plant with damage that occured  during transit, it will be replaced. At no additional cost or shipping fees.  


This warranty protects one individual potted plant, or  up to two cuttings.

 Purchase Multiple warranties to cover  larger orders. 

If you are buying this Warranty for a specific Plant in your order, please specify. 


This Warranty only protects live plants, that are damaged during transit.


Any Damage that occurs during unpacking, recepient miscaring, delayed unboxing, occurs any time after the shipping carrier's tracking arrival date, or any other disputable damage causes will not be considered for product replacement. 


Photos of plant still contained in its original packaging on the day of arrival will be necessary for product replacement. 


When opening the plant package inspect the plant for damage before removing it from the plastic continers or wrapping. Take photos and contact us immediatly.

At our discression, we may provide you with a return shipping label to return the damaged plant for inspection. 


If there is a notible severe weather forcast in the route of your live plants transit, Please consider delaying shipping. 


Safe Shipping - Plant Transit Warranty