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   Though plants have always been a huge passion in my life, I never had time to dive in to them as a hobby because of my commitment to my career as a chef. I have worked in food service for thirteen years. I graduated with my associates in culinary arts and bachelors degree in food service management from Johnson & Wales University. At the brink of the pandemic I worked as the chef on board a yacht in the Bahamas. So when the international travel borders began to close I knew I had to get back to land. 

    This is where things got interesting and my life changed forever. Because of quarantine I no longer had a job and was stuck at home. I FINALLY had time to dive into my interest of plants. I downloaded TikTok by influence of my roommates who were in a competition to see who could go "viral". I did my best to put myself out there by any means necessary. ( If you scroll far enough on Market Botany's profile you will see for yourself..... lol)

    Then I found Plant TikTok. Not just another niche. But a community of people who support, teach and inspire each other. I just wanted view others content and maybe make a plant video or two. But, as the engagement on my profile increased I began to realize what potential this platform really had. 

    My local community college offers an entrepreneurship certificate program. So I decided to go back to school to refresh myself on business structure and marketing. Beneficially, the final assignment in one of my classes was to write a business plan. I took this as an opportunity to not only write a business plan for Market Botany, but to have someone with credentials proof and revise it for me.  

     At this point, I was working as an in-home private chef, had finished the entrepreneurship program and now completed a business idea that I felt could really be successful. After extensive market research and product development I produced a line of plant care products and an assortment of plants to sell that I propagated from my own collection on my apartment patio. The next step was to built a website, and advertise my launch on TikTok. 

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