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Leaves Need Love Too

    When we talk about maintaining the health of our beloved houseplants, the conversation typically starts at the root. But the roots are only half of the equation. Just like the plant's roots, the plant's leaves contribute to essential functional roles. Like absorbing light energy or photosynthesizing, and respiration too. - Respiration is the quality about plants that make them so important to our planet. Respiration is the process of absorbing the carbon dioxide from the air and the release of oxygen. These two processes, Photosynthesis and Respiration play key roles in the longterm health of the plant. So just like we choose the appropriate soil, and fertilize etc. to maintain good healthy roots, there are things that you can do to keep your plants leaves healthy so that they function at their best.


When it comes to our houseplants, we have to take over for Mother Nature. 

   In nature, the environment that surrounds a plant will assists the plant by washing away pest and debris with rain and wind. But without Mother Nature's intervention in our homes, dust, debris, and hard water stains  collect on the surface of your foliage over time. This build up inhibits your leaves ability to absorb light and photosynthesize at their best. (Trigger warning)This layer of grime also invites pests to take up home on your leaves. If a pest infestation like mealy bugs, thrips or spider mites is not caught early they can do some serious damage to the plant. If reading about grime and pests just stressed you out... don't worry!!! There is a very easy solution that you can add to your plant care regimen that will not only assist in keeping the pesky pests at bay and away, and will also revitalize the natural glow of your leaves - Just the way nature intended. Market Botany's Leaf Shine is a gentle cleanser. Simply mist onto the top and bottom side of each leaf and then wipe it off using a microfiber towel. Getting the underside of the leaf is important too because this is where pests love to hide. It is important to note that our product is not a pesticide. So it can not be used to treat a pest infestation. But by including Leaf Shine into your regular plant care routine, you prevent pest from ever getting to live on your leaves rent free.

When shopping for a Leaf Shine product, always look out for this killer ingredient.

   Many Leaf Shine products on the market contain oils that leave behind a greasy residue film. (Ya.... sure.. It's will make your leaves shiny as all heck..) But oil can have negative effects on your plant. Oil clogs the leaf's microscopic pores that allow for respiration and magnifies light, leading to irreparable light burn damage! That is why our Leaf Shine formula is oil free!  


Proactive plant care over reactive plant care. 

    Keeping your plants healthy and looking their best can sometimes feel daunting. But think of using Leaf Shine as a preventative measure. By implementing Leaf Shine regularly to clean your plants beautiful foliage you will prevent most Leaf health and pest issues, that you may have not noticed before it was too late. Its always easier to keep a healthy plant healthy then it is to rehab a plant back to health. 

"WOW! your plants look amazing!!"

    I always  give my plants a fresh shine before having company over. It really just gives your plants that extra something that makes you look like a pro botanist. Keep 'em cute, keep 'em healthy, and let your leaves shine!

Check out the before and after photo below.

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